The medium of watercolor allows water and paint to perform magic on the paper. I love watching colors flow into one another blending into new and exciting creations.

My subject is most often nature and the inspiring beauty that surrounds us. I love the power of nature on the rampage as well as nature at rest. As long as I can remember I have loved the power of lightening storms, howling wind, whiteout rain & snow, thundering waterfalls, turbulent cumulus clouds. I have always been drawn to water and the power that is transferred from sea to air and back again. Watercolor portraying water is a perfect match.

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest I feel blessed to have so much beauty surrounding me. My husband and I spend our summers on the water living on board our 42 wooden trawler Xanadu. I spend the winters painting in my studio.

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Roxana Caples - Watercolor Artist

  • Guidance III
  • Spring Sunshine
  • Cloud Tops
  • Broccoli
  • Pacific Power
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