Janus Innes


Janus Innes: I truly love abstract art. I like to create art that appears simple but on closerscrutiny is complex, depicting emotions rather than objects. My art is the result of years of studying and experimenting with differentmediums and styles. Each piece is an experiment into the unknown, and it is exciting to work with different materials [...]

Jill Evan Jacoby


Jill Evan Jacoby: A  long time Olympia area resident, Jill's paintings often focus on the powerful impact that unique situations or environments have on people. Her series of paintings depicting the strenght and beauty of refugees in Bangladesh reflect one aspect of this. The reflective stance of a young girl enthralled by a mountain valley is another. Her [...]

Kitty Lindstrom


Kitty Lindstrom: After studying painting, art history and graphic design in college, I worked in advertising design and then set up shop as a graphic designer for many years. When my husband and I moved from Texas to Bainbridge Island with our baby girl, I was immediately inspired by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. I focused on watercolor [...]

Sherie Balko-Nation


Sherie Balko-Nation: A lover of color and rhythm, Sherie thinks the fluidity of curved lines and the use of pattern creates a plethora of artistic delights. She is always seeking something new to challenge herself, to express the light from within. She received her BA at Evergreen State College where she studied the Arts, Histories, and [...]

Deborah Henderson


Deborah Henderson: I have enjoyed art and painting all my life and worked with acrylics, watercolor and oil pastels before focusing on soft pastels in 2008. My favorite paintings reflect the feeling of a snap-shot in time, a brief glimpse of something that I’d like to preserve and savor.  I want my art to [...]

Carol Van Nuys


Carol Van Nuys: Carol is an artistic recycler, creating her unique Story Boxes from found objects and images which are layered on and interwoven with papers, fabrics and fibers.  After attachment with glue, thread, and wire, the elements are presented in a lined, reclaimed frame.  Carol developed artistic skills after retirement from her home [...]

Cal Capener


Cal Capener: A life-long resident of the State of Washington. His artistic pursuit has focused primarily on landscape painting in oils, although he also enjoys painting florals, occasional portraits, and western scenes. His work has been selected for numerous awards in the art shows and events that he enters throughout the northwest. Mr. [...]

Anne-Marie Brown


Anne-Marie Brown: A Graphic Designer in Tumwater for many years, Anne-Marie found her most rewarding job was teaching after school art classes at a local elementary school for 19 years. Teaching children was her passion. But Anne-Marie wanted to develop her own art so she enrolled in Dori Colvin's Pastel Class. She fell [...]

Alice Liou


Alice Liou: Growing up in Taiwan, Alice Liou studied watercolor, Chinese brush painting and calligraphy under various art masters. She moved to Washington State over 30 years ago and devoted her time to education and career. In recent years, she rekindled her passion for painting and studied watercolor, soft pastel, sumi-e, and oil painting [...]

Gay Hoffman


Gay Hoffman: An award winning portrait artist, Gay is currently teaching soft pastel techniques at South Puget Sound Community College’s Continuing Education Program and Centralia College’s Continuing Education Program. She has a master’s degree from the University of Michigan. Gay works in her Steamboat Island Studio in several painting and drawing mediums on [...]

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