Gloria Burton


Gloria Burton: An Olympia area resident since 1995, Gloria has been a member of the Olympia Art League almost that long. She loves painting outdoors and appreciates the luminosity of water media. She has also completed pieces in acrylic and oils, created both artistic and technical illustrations and enjoys decorative painting. Gloria exhibits her [...]

Roxana Caples


Roxana Caples: I have been learning about watercolor for 15 years. The goal of my painting is to transport my viewers into the image, to make them feel as if they are there and part of the scene. My style leans toward realism but does not fill in all of the details, leaving some of [...]

Shirley Stirling


Shirley Stirling: I love art and want to do everything! Unfortunately, life is too short! I now work with oils in a ‘green’ way - walnut oil and no turpentine. I balance that with ink and watercolor with a natural line. I am a social worker by profession and have traveled worldwide, including Peace Corps [...]

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